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9 minute read

Don’t you hate it when you enter a dark room and hit your toe on furniture while searching for the light switch? Control lights and power plugs with your voice using relay modules, a Raspberry Pi and Google Assistant today! [ Read More... ]

8 minute read

Combining Google Assistant, IFTTT and Home Assistant provides us access to a powerful tool: Voice-activated shell commands. No more getting up from the couch and physically control devices. Calories have rights too and we should stop burning them. Let’s go! [ Read More... ]

2 minute read

Triggering Google Assistant on your own device without hotword detection does not give a trigger response. This entry intends to fix this by adding a custom audio response every time a conversation is started. [ Read More... ]

5 minute read

Hotword detection is an impressive and convenient feature, but has with a big drawback: it comes at the price of sacrificing part of our privacy. To address this issue, we can use a Bluetooth remote button to trigger a query. [ Read More... ]

3 minute read

With the Google Assistant SDK released three months ago, home projects have received a great skill set. In this project the Google Assistant is implemented on a Raspberry Pi to later control switchable devices such as fans, lights, computers using voice commands. [ Read More... ]